Seamless Leather Clutch Bag - ASTA

leather clutch bag
IDR 529 000 - 1.069 000

Product Name : ASTA
Veg-tan, Chromuim-free Leather, Seamless, Slip&Lock Method, Laser Cut and engraved SARITA decorative ornament, Handstitched, No Metal Hardware
Wallet : 20 x 10 x 2,25 cm
Small : 21 x 12,5 x 2,25 cm
Medium : 25 x16,5 x 2,25 cm
Large : 26 x 18,5 x 2,25 cm
Inacraft Award 2018
Wallet : IDR 529.000
Small : IDR 629.000
Medium : IDR 869.000
Large : IDR 1.069.000
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Sophisticated elegance design shape, omitting all unnecessary details, to carrying and cherishing only what matters may be the best way to care for our environment and build an independent life style. ASTA clutch bag is an affirmation of raw simplicity, folded and shaped into an exquisite envelope design. A perfect sized for your everyday carry.

There is something about leather that resonates within us all. We believe it is because leather transports you away from life’s hectic movements and returns you back to nature and positive feelings.

seamless clutch bag

leather clutch bag

leather clutch bag

leather clutch asta